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Introduction to Data Analyst

Introduction to Data Analyst

Course Duration: 16 Weeks
Course Qualification:


Start your data analytics journey while gaining exposure to excel, SQL, PowerBI and Python. Learn how Excel can be used to effectively analyse data sets using its built-in tools while preparing for the MOS Excel exam.   You will then delve into the use of SQL to effectively query data and being to gain relevant insights into raw data.  After SQL you will learn how to use PowerBI to visualise the data and bring your insights to life for a non-technical audience.  Python is a programming language that is being widely adopted for data analysis so you will learn the techniques you can use to achieve this. Finally, you will gain experience in the best methods to communicate your analysis and insights to a variety of audiences.  Throughout you will build a portfolio of evidence showcasing the skills you have developed throughout the course and have access to a wealth of examples to help you in future projects you may become involved with.

  • Learn how to using Excel (e.g. entering data, searching within workbooks)
  • Demonstrate how to convert tables/ranges, create charts and use quick analysis in Excel.
  • Understand and develop database designs and analyse data with SQL using Microsoft Access.
  • Identify the SQL Server database structure, using SELECT statements, the JOIN operator and UNION keyword.
  • Create visual interactions on reports and connecting to databases/using Query Editor within PowerBI.
  • Understand how to get data from services/content packs, build a data model and the different types of visualisations as well as how to choose between standard and using custom visualisations.
  • Create a simple Python Programme, understanding the difference between While and For Loops.
  • Create functions to reuse code
  • Understanding the relevance/importance of the communication cycle, and putting it all together.

To be funded, learners must meet all the following criteria:

  • must be aged 19 or older, or will reach their 19th birthday on or before 31 August 2022 and
  • have the right to work in the UK. This can be checked on and
  • meet residency requirements. Suppliers should refer to the  Residency Eligibility section of the AEB funding rules before accepting an individual onto a Skills Bootcamp and
  • live in England
  • Not attended another Skills Bootcamp within 12months


Employed participants:

Skills Bootcamps will be co-funded at 30% by the employer where the employer is training their own existing employees (defined as someone directly employed by the employer, not a worker, sub-contractor, or freelancer). This is reduced to 10% where the employer is a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) (defined as an employer with less than 250 employees) training their own existing employees, towards the cost of training. Courses are fully funded by Government for individuals not being co-funded by their employer, and for the self-employed. There must be no charges to the individual learner.

Will need to have internet access and a PC or laptop and the ability to install free software if required.

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