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Introduction to Software Development

Introduction to Software Development

Course Duration: 30 Days
Course Qualification: BCS Level 3 Certificate in Software Development Context and Methodologies


Become an all-around software developer while gaining exposure to all the stages of the software development lifecycle, learning how to design and develop databases to an industry standard.   Delve into the use of SQL to connect your databases using industry-standard software and practice putting it all together using the popular programming language Java.  Throughout you will build a portfolio of evidence showcasing the skills you have developed throughout the course and have access to a wealth of examples to help you in future projects you may become involved with.

  • Understand how software development processes/methods are used, identify the main features of sequential methods/approaches, and distinguish different roles/key accountabilities.
  • Explain the roles/responsibilities within software development/implementation, the terminology/phases of the software development lifecycle, and understanding code.
  • Understand databases/data management systems, database design techniques and be able to design, create and document databases.
  • Evaluate database solution effectiveness, design and create a database solution for a specific scenario, and an introduction to SQL and writing queries.
  • Learn how to use Java’s features, their usage and working with Java operators.
  • Develop programs to demonstrate working with String Class, using decision and looping statements in Java.
  • Develop programs to demonstrate debugging and exception handling, arrays and array lists, and classes in Java.
  • Describe, create and use Java methods, and create overloaded methods using Java.

On average, these courses cost £199 per day. However, with a recent scheme, we are able to offer these courses to anyone in the Greater Manchester area for absolutely free!

Will need to have internet access and a PC or laptop and the ability to install free software if required.

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