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Leah's story

Junior Content Producer Apprentice - Niscu

Leah Collins at Niscu completed her level 3 Junior Content Production apprenticeship through COVID-19. Despite the pressure caused by the pandemic, she overcame the odds and achieved a distinction. Leah has now progressed onto a level 4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship with us at Apprentify!

Q. How did you find your training through your Apprenticeships

A. Yeah I found it really good, it was really nice to adapt to being online, because when it happened it was really daunting, and to have my coach support me it was great and made it much less daunting.


Q. Could you sum up in a few words how Apprentify or your coach has helped you with training and coaching?

A. Definitely My Confidence


Q. How did Covid impact your story

A. I had quite a journey to be honest, I was made redundant due to covid, I ended up switching employers which is a really big step, and to have my coach there to support me and a lot of people are thinking because I don’t live in Manchester how am I going to get another job, what are the opportunities like where you live, I live really remote and for sometime to say no you have got interviews, let’s do this, lets push this, let’s find something you can do this, was really helpful because often you can feel very on your own, to have some say we can do this really helped.


Q. What emotions have you experienced during the pandemic

A. A lot of emotions, at first I was put on Furlough so I was very emotional thinking whats going to happen, can I carry on with my course, is this allowed, and everyone was like I don’t know, and I was like please, it was really overwhelming and to be made redundant on top of that and was like, give me a break, it was stressful but to finally come out and to get a distinction and a qualification that’s actually going to take me far is the biggest things and its just amazing.


Q. How was your job role impacted? How did you adapt?

A. I finished my apprenticeship with a childrens charity called Niscu and they owned a school so obviously we couldn’t go into school so it was Like Leah now that we are online can you do our video editing, can you get us online, and can you do this as we have never done it before and I had people who hate videoing themselves and when you have to put that content out it’s a lot to Manage but it was great, it gave my job role a lot more meaning because are doing something thats going to help the community and it was definitely a big change but a good one


Q. How has Apprentify supported you during the pandemic? How has their priorities changed and what strategies were implemented?

A. It was a lot of calls and things and was are you ok, hows everything going, yeah it really helped, because in these times people were trying to adapt themselves, people have kids at home that hadn’t had them at home before and everyone was struggling but to have someone say Ive still got this time and im juggling things as well but I am going to support you is amazing.


Q. How has your experience through Covid changed the way you will work in the future

A. I thinking working from home has been a massive thing for people, I think people have realized that we don’t have to have this really rigid structure of working and actually yeah work is important but everyone has kind of realized what is important in their lives to kind of step back and think yeah I cant do what I would normally do and where do I find joy in the things I can find now is a massive thing and we all needed that break to kind of reevaluate and to put into perspective, yes there is a lot of pressure on me right now I have things to do, Ive got a course, ive got a new job to balance, but actually take that step back and think yeah but there are bigger things to worry about

Ali's story

Junior Content Producer - Graduated in 2021

Ali Hussain at Komi completed his level 3 Junior Content Producer apprenticeship with flying colours and is now in a full-time role. Ali had a brilliant experience with us at Apprentify and had lots of thanks for his Personal Development Coaches (Charles Booth and Dawn Smail).

Q. How did you find your training through your Apprenticeships

A. Training was really good I always got help from the tutors, Dawn and Charles, Apprentify really helped with pushing me through, making sure my deadlines were met, getting all my work done and just being able to talk to somebody about the work if you were unsure about anything or if you just needed some guidance about it really benefited me


Q. Could you sum up in a few words how Apprentify or your coach has helped you with training and coaching?

A. Smooth, the whole process was smooth, from start to finish it was very clear, you understood everything from the beginning, we knew what we needed to do and just had to get it do


Q. How did covid impact your journey

A. Yeah towards the end of my apprenticeship with Apprentify, I decided to take on a lot of work from my actual job, which made me put my apprenticeship work to the side, by doing that I wasn’t prioritizing it, but I had to refocus it with Charles with Apprentify, it allowed me to prioritse my time more and make sure I was getting my work done as much as getting my actual work done with the agency that I work with.  


Q. What emotions have you experienced during the Pandemic

A. A lot of loniness, when you are working from home,  I work for a Social Agency so not being in the office talking to industry professionals it was quite lonely, but going through my apprenticeship during covid having someone like Charles there especially, who just gave me a call here and there to make sure I was ok it was very beneficial and did really help and also to just be able to message him whenever you can or whenever you wanted it did help a lot it allowed you to feel like you were still part of there, that was very nice.


Q. How was your job role impacted? How did you adapt?

A. I was actually very lucky, I was able to carry on my job role on, I wasn’t furgloughed, I didn’t lose my job, I just worked from home, we are now back in after hopefully Covid has fully gone now, after the lockdown we came back in with a mandatory one day but work has allowed us to have flexible hours, they have allowed us to work from home whenever, just having them team days does really help


Q. How has Apprentify supported you during the pandemic? How has their priorities changed and what strategies were implemented?

A. Charles especially, coming back to Charles, hes a legend, keeping an eye on us, making sure we are ok, making sure our work is getting done, but at the same time making sure our welfare is good, and mental health was a big thing that he talked to us about a lot making sure we were feeling good, happy and work was getting too much, he also helped me with getting pay rise, making sure work understood what I was bringing to the table so I have to thank Charles for that as well


Q. How has your experience through Covid changed the way you will work in the future

A. Prioristing your time and splitting up your day, taking regular breaks, and just making sure that you’re happy and getting your work done at the same time, its not about, when you get that feeling when you are working from home that you have to get so much work done because you are trying to prove something, however your managers know how much work you are going to get done. Its just about prioritizing your time, getting your work done and taking those regular breaks to make sure mental health is good and that’s the success that I have seen from doing it. 


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What are the costs of taking on an apprentice?

All apprenticeship programmes have their funding decided by the ESFA. Levy employers will have the cost deducted from their levy account. Non-levy employers will have 95% of the costs to be paid by the government, with you supplying the extra 5% as a co-investment fee. If your apprentice is between 16-18, there is no co-investment fee (100% funded).

Obviously, there is also the cost of the employee. Typically, we will not work with anyone paying under £12,000 annually.

How much do I have to pay an apprentice?

Typically, we do not work with anyone who pays under £12,000 a year. For reference, you can always look at our live Vacancies page to see what other employers are offering.

Does my apprentice have to be 16-18?

No, an apprentice can be any age nowadays as long as they are over 16. We work with apprentices who have just left school, all the way to those in their late twenties with work experience - Equally, we have a number of university graduates on the programme and even those older who are looking for a career change. Our candidates are all different ages with a wealth of different experiences.

Are they employed by my business?

Yes they are - they are on our apprenticeship training programme, but they are like any other employee with a work contract, and pension. In this respect, they are like any other employee.

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