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Create new beginnings

Why an apprentice

Our apprentices are a cost-effective way to future-proof your business. We offer a unique approach to the apprentice hiring process to ensure we get the best quality talent into some of the greatest organisations across England. Whether looking to develop a member of your current team or hire some fresh talent, we offer a solution for you.

Benefits of hiring an apprentice

Tap into the next generation of talent with Apprentify. Our exceptional apprentices are capable of contributing to your business in fresh and exciting ways – representing a fantastic new chapter in your future.

Increased cost-efficiency
Increased cost-efficiency

With Apprentify, you can pick an apprentice with the traits and abilities that your business truly needs – and bring them in for a fraction of the price of a graduate. The Apprenticeship Levy is in place too, so you can also save money or retrieve tax on apprentices that you hire.

Higher-performing workforce
Higher-performing workforce

Apprentices can transform productivity rates and contribute to long-term earnings. Our Paths to Mastery allow apprentices to develop their skill sets in specific areas, aligning with your business needs. Your apprentice can take on tasks that often fill up your senior member of staff's time and in turn, increase overall productivity.

Injection of skills
Injection of skills

Whether you’re looking to grow your workforce or embark on a major recruitment drive, hiring an apprentice is the smartest way to future-proof your organisation. Our apprentices enable you to build a stronger team, grow your brand image and increase your reputation in your sector through an injection of new digital and technical skills.

Find a perfect match
Find a perfect match

Weekly assessment centres focus on core creative, digital and technical competencies. Apprentices are given the opportunity to pursue areas they excel in, and clients can trust that their investment fits in regards to personality and niche skill.

Why Apprentify

Here at Apprentify, we pride ourselves on our unique approach in finding an apprentice who is the perfect match for a business. We take the time to conduct weekly skill-testing sessions where we can find out more about all our candidates and ensure we can offer the most valuable up and coming talent to any employer that works with us.

Not only do we help with the hiring process, we also pride ourselves on our bi-weekly e-learning sessions which give the necessary knowledge to all our apprentices, but also our monthly coaching calls which come directly from their very own Personal Development Coach who can offer support from start to finish. Development Coaches don’t only offer support to apprentices, they provide employers with the needed skills, help and information to get their new employees from start to finish.


  • Ofsted approved
  • Support throughout
  • Find candidates effortlessly
  • Cost-efficient
That's Outstanding!

Apprentify Ofsted Report 2022

Apprentify has secured an Outstanding rating in its first ever Ofsted inspection, placing it in the country's top 1.6% of independent learning providers.

Hire a Digital Apprentice

Hire a Digital Apprentice

Looking to hire a Digital Apprentice? This is the perfect place to start. Find out more about the specific courses we offer and discover how an apprentice can upskill your team.

Hire a Technical Apprentice

Hire a Technical Apprentice

Thinking of hiring a Technical Apprentice? Look no further and find out about Apprentify's technical apprenticeship offering and discover how our specialist apprentices can develop your business for the future.

Hire a Sales Apprentice

Hire a Sales Apprentice

Hiring a Sales Apprentice could not be easier! This is the perfect place to go if you are thinking of expanding your team of dedicated sales staff. Discover how we can help develop and up-skill your team.

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Apprentice vs Other options

Adapt training to business needs
Highly cost-efficient
Expand your workforce
Positive long-term development
Tailored to your business
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success stories
Harley Mae-Marley
It took us a few attempts to find an apprenticeship provider who was able to fit our specific requirements. We love Apprentify's process and their customer service. As a result of that, we hired six apprentices! We will definitely be using Apprentify again. If you are looking to hire apprentices to join your company, we couldn't recommend Apprentify enough!

Harley Mae-Marley

Business Development at Digital Media Team

Ian Browne
“‘The great resignation’ means there is a huge demand for digitally equipped talent. This is pushing up salaries and means SMEs are being ‘squeezed’ as they struggle to compete with the corporates. If we’re going to meet 2030 digital demands, we need to start to think creatively now.”

Ian Browne

Lloyds Banking Group

Ross Green
Working with Apprentify is and always has been an easy and smooth process. From the superb range of candidates to the coaching, we believe that Apprentify has one of the best digital marketing programmes and talent providers we have ever worked with.

Ross Green

Managing Director at Embryo Digital

Our Industry Partners

JD Group
Pets at Home
Greater Manc Transport

How we can help recruit your apprentice?

We pride ourselves on our apprentice recruitment process, and the steps we take to find every business the perfect match. We will help you discover your business needs and assist you in futureproofing your organisation.

  1. Getting in touch

    The first (and debatably most important step) is to take the leap and get in contact with a member of the Apprentify family. From there, we can discover the opportunities available for your business; as well as giving you the valuable opportunity to ask questions and see why almost half of all firms plan to hire apprentices in the next 5 years.

  2. Tell us more

    Now you have made the leap, it is time to tell us about your ideal apprentice. Tell us what type of person you are looking for, the skills you are looking for, all the way to the type of character you think would suit your business.

  3. Select your apprentice

    Now you have told us everything, it is over to us to advertise your business, select applicants, run assessment sessions and then send you over Curriculum Vitaes with options of apprentices that could be perfect for your business.

  4. Start your apprentice

    Assessments done, applicant chosen, now it is time to bring in your apprentice! From there you will have a hard-working employee who receives specific training and get support from their very own Development Coach who can assist you throughout.

Employer & Apprentice Story
Employer & Apprentice Story
Employer & Apprentice Story
Employer & Apprentice Story

The Apprenticeship Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy is a compulsory tax for employers with an annual salary bill of £3 million or more, used to pay for apprenticeship programmes across the UK… but not enough organisations are making the most of it. Every kind of company can – and should – take advantage of the Apprenticeship Levy. It’s funding for fresh talent that can transform your workforce

Levy paying organisations

(Payroll bill over £3m)

If you’re a big business already paying a 0.5% levy, you need to take advantage of the funds before they reach their expiry date (two years).

Instead of simply handing over thousands to HMRC, why not make a smarter financial move and use this money to bring on board a new or upskilled member of staff?

A budget is sitting there ready and waiting. Check your digital account online at any time to see how much you have available to put towards an apprenticeship programme.


Non-levy paying organisations

(Payroll bill under £3m)

As a non-levy payer, employers share the cost of the Apprenticeship Programme and End Point Assessment with the Government – this is called Co-Investment. As of April 2019, the Government funds 95% and the employer 5%.


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Latest roles we’ve filled

Check out the latest roles we have filled and find out more about our apprenticeships on offer.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

A digital marketing apprentice will have a creative mindset and the ability to use technology and engage with digital platforms to acquire new customers, convert and engage them and retain them for long term business growth.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst

The role of a Data Analyst is to collect, organise and study data to provide business insight. The analysis helps ensure your business stays competitive notwithstanding operational and environmental change.

Junior Content Producer

Junior Content Producer

This apprenticeship is designed for people whose role is creating content in digital, social, broadcast and print. This is explored in four clearly defined areas set out in the standard.

Software Developer

Software Developer

This apprenticeship has been developed to play a significant role in code development for your business. The primary role of a Software Developer is to build and test high-quality code across front end, logic and database layers.


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