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Tap into the next generation of talent with Apprentify! We pride ourselves in offering a unique approach to finding, recruiting and training the best digital and technical apprentices. Whether you're looking to upskill or grow your team, we can make it happen.

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Developing Data Analyst Experts

Looking to upskill or grow your team? We have a solution for you!


Our Data Apprenticeships, Data Technician Level 3 and Data Analyst Level 4 will give the apprentice the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to work effectively in roles such as Data Analyst, Data Manager, Data Scientist, Data Modeller, Data Architect and Data Engineer.
These digital Data Apprenticeships enable you to drive organisational innovation and optimise resources through developing knowledge and understanding of data and its potential.

Whether you choose to upskill an existing member of your team or take on a new hire, an apprentice will not only cost-effectively transform your wider team’s productivity and inject new skills into your business, but will also be able to help you make business decisions based on concrete evidence i.e. data.

Apprenticeship programmes built for success

Data Analyst - Level 4

The Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship has been developed to play a significant role in business growth. The primary role of a Data Analyst is to collect, organise and study data to provide business insight. The analysis helps ensure your business stays competitive notwithstanding operational and environmental change and can predict what the market demands before it happens to provide you with strategic advantages. Roles include Data Analyst, Data Manager, Data Scientist, Data Modeller, Data Engineer and Data Architect.

This programme covers:

  • Data Analysis for Your Business
  • Data Architecture requirements
  • Forecasting Data
  • Analysis and Visualisation

Gain valuable practical skills in:

  • Excel
  • Python
  • SQL

Path to Mastery

The Path to Mastery, which is an optional qualification in the final months of the programme, gives apprentices the opportunity to advance their knowledge in a chosen area of marketing. It allows employers to tailor their apprentice’s learning to suit the needs of their business. This added qualification will then allow your apprentice to thrive in your company and provide you with a greater return on your investment.

Our Benefits
  • Google Data Studio
  • Customer Analytics
  • Credit Risk Modelling


The course has been hand crafted by Apprentify in order to give employers a talented employee who can help upskill the business, whereas for apprentices we have tailored courses with huge opportunity's for growth.

End point assessments
End point assessments

Our students will have their end point assessment just 13 Months after they start.

Equivalent to an A-Level!
Equivalent to an A-Level!

This is a Level 3 course. That is equivalent to an A-Level!

Personalised support
Personalised support

Students will receive one to one support from their very own development coach!

Apprentice hiring process

Discover how Apprentify can help you find and hire the perfect match for your business.

Getting in touch

The first (and debatably most important step) is to take the leap and get in contact with a member of the Apprentify family. From there we can discover the options available to you and find out what possibilities will best benefit your business; as well as giving you the valuable opportunity to ask questions and uncover why in the last year there were around 719,000 apprentices participating in an apprenticeship.

Tell us more

Now you have made the leap, it is time to tell us about your perfect apprentice. Inform us of what type of person you are looking for, ranging from the skills you are looking for, all the way to the type of character you think would suit your business.

Select your apprentice

Now you have told us everything, it is over to us to advertise your business, select applicants, run assessment sessions and then send you over Curriculum Vitaes with possible apprentices that could be perfect for you.

Start your apprentice

Assessments done, applicant chosen, now it is time to bring in your apprentice! From there you will have a hard-working employee who receives specific training and get support from their very own Development Coach who can assist you throughout.

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Roles We Fill

Roles We Fill

Discover some of the roles we fill and find out more on how we find an ambitious, hard-working recruit to take your organisation into the future.



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