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Julia Stringer
Jul 11, 2022

Going to an interview soon? Nervous? Don’t worry that’s perfectly normal. There is no real way to be completely confident going into an interview, like a first date there will always be nerves and sweaty hands. However, being prepared for an interview will help in being more confident!

Be early.

Don’t be too early, anything more than 10 minutes is overkill. But being slightly early to an interview whether it’s online or in person is always a good show that you are eager and passionate. Plus being early to an online interview allows you to check your equipment such as your microphone and camera. There’s nothing worse than showing up and your microphone not working, or you webcam not turning on, not only will it make you more nervous, but it will waste precious interview minutes where you could be showing the interviewer how amazing you are!


I cannot stress how important this is!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing more impressive than someone that knows your company better than you do. It shows a great level of commitment and passion for the job. Plus, you’ll never be stumbling for words when they ask about their company and why you want to work there and what you’d bring to their team. Some great places to start your research would be:

  • Look at your interviewer’s page. Not only will they see that you have been researching them and the company, but it gives you a chance to look at their activity and see what they write about/post the most.
  • Research the company website and any associated social media - what was their most recent post about?
  • Gain an understanding of what service or product is being sold.
  • If you want to be cheeky, look for broken links for spelling mistakes on their website. Show them that you’re already a valuable aspect to the team.
  • Take a look at their history, business model, mission, values, and goals. Not only will this help in answering questions, but it will also give you a better understanding of the company you are applying for. Their values should match your own.
Get to know yourself

What are your talents, your skills, your personal qualities? Write a list! It’s difficult to sell yourself (I suck at it) so if you have all the reasons why you’re amazing written in front of you it’s difficult to forget anything important. But what do interviewers actually like to hear, you may ask? If you’re a creative, like myself, a portfolio of your work is important. Nothing screams HIRE ME more than a great portfolio. Self-awareness is important, know your strengths but also know your weaknesses. A lot of companies will want to support you in your professional growth. So, if you make it obvious to them upfront that you know, potentially, your leadership skills aren’t up to scratch, and you need some training in that department it shows a level of honesty and realism to your character. Not everyone is good at everything. Good companies want to see you grow with them.

Dress appropriately.

Interview dress code can be tricky. Maybe not a full suit but definitely not your comfy PJs (as tempting as it may be) … Being in presentable clothes is the best way to go about it. Try finding out what their office dress code is and follow suit (Hehe pun). When I was going through lots of interviews I would usually go for a smart shirt and a sweater vest. It’s smart but could also be causal depending on what bottoms I’m wearing (this is where an online interview comes in handy) however I wouldn’t recommend and skirt. One time I was interviewing, and part of my feedback was that I wasn’t wearing any trousers (spoiler I was).

Some tips for an Online interview.

In 2022 your first interview is usually online. So, make sure you are in a quiet area. Disruptions and loud noises can come across unprofessional. Use background filters, I would usually recommend blurring your background. Even though I would be excited to see someone with a picture of fish or a cityscape in their background, some people wouldn’t (best to try and be the least offensive, some people are strange). Put yourself in a comfortable location, I wouldn’t recommend lounging in bed, but you can always sit on your sofa, at a desk, dining table wherever you feel most comfortable. If you’re comfortable then it’s easier to be comfortable during the interview.


Confidence is key, whether it’s feigned or not. Bring a cold drink or have a cold drink. Sometimes when under pressure your memory can block. Cold drinks can shock the brain and provide clarity in fuzzy moments. It will help get you get back on track and keep you hydrated (perk).

TRY to enjoy yourself.

At the end of the day interviewers are people too, they’ve been the interviewee before. Everyone gets nervous but just try and present yourself the best you can. They not just hiring your talent and skills but your personality as well. Being true to yourself is the best way to go about it.