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Level 3 Fundraiser

Course Duration: 18 months plus End Point Assessment
Course Qualification: Level 3 Apprenticeship


Do you have a passion for making a difference in the world? Do you want to learn how to raise money for causes you care about and build lasting relationships with donors and partners? If so, you might be interested in the Fundraiser (level 3) apprenticeship course. This is a unique opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification and develop the skills you need to become a successful fundraiser.

The Fundraiser (level 3) apprenticeship is an 18-month programme that combines practical work experience with online learning. You will work with a charity of your choice and receive regular feedback and support from your employer, mentor and trainer. You will also have access to a range of resources and tools to help you with your studies.

The course covers all aspects of fundraising, from planning and strategy to execution and evaluation. You will learn how to use different communication channels, such as social media, email, phone and face-to-face, to engage with potential and existing supporters. You will also learn how to collect, manage and analyse data to measure the impact of your fundraising activities and improve your performance. Moreover, you will learn how to use various technological solutions, such as online platforms, databases and software, to streamline your fundraising processes and enhance your creativity.

The Fundraiser (level 3) apprenticeship is suitable for anyone who wants to start or advance their career in the charity sector and earn a salary while they learn. Whether you are new to fundraising or have some experience in the field, this course will help you develop your confidence, knowledge and skills. By the end of the course, you will be able to design and deliver effective fundraising campaigns that align with your charity’s vision, mission and values.

If you are interested in applying for the Fundraiser (level 3) apprenticeship, please visit our website for more information and eligibility criteria. 

Why an apprenticeship?

Choosing an apprenticeship comes with many advantages and perks not only for you but also for any employer. As an apprentice, you will benefit from on the job learning of which you will conduct 80% of your work time acting as an ordinary employee with the remaining 20% being allocated for lessons/ learning activities (at Apprentify all these learning modules are conducted online for your convenience). Apprenticeships are also a fantastic way to get your foot in the door or kick off your professional career in a new sector/ role.

Our Benefits
  • Earn while you learn
  • No learning costs
  • Gain industry experience
  • E-learning
  • Develop skills
  • Receive apprentice discounts

Very good apprenticeship provider, great communication between business and students with staff that actually care.

Harry Bunn - Digital Marketer

Harry Bunn

Digital Marketer

Really helpful, jam packed full of information to help you create the best campaigns. I can't wait to put it all in to practice!

Chloe Grantham - Digital Marketer

Chloe Grantham

Digital Marketer

The use of virtual classrooms is not only a helpful and interactive learning technique, it also provides the opportunity for collaboration with other apprentices which is fantastic for idea and content generation.

Andrea - Apprentice



The Digital Marketing course Apprentify offer is second to none. The use of Adobe Connect enables you to connect with others in the online classroom and allows you to feel comfortable speaking up if a concept needs explaining again. The way the course is run is thorough but maintains pace through quizzes, interactive activities and interactions with your class and tutor.

Rosie - Apprentice



After completing my Junior Content Producing course, I can certainly say that the course is exceptional. It covers a wide variety of content and helps provide significant training and support throughout the apprenticeship. 

Alex Knowlson - Junior Content Producer

Alex Knowlson

Junior Content Producer

Superb company, really helpful advisers and presenters. They combine their knowledge of digital marketing on the whole with their experience from previous roles to provide a rounded theoretical explanation of digital marketing and back those points with examples of practical experience.

Andrea - Apprentice




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What are the costs of taking on an apprentice?

All apprenticeship programmes have their funding decided by the ESFA. Levy employers will have the cost deducted from their levy account. Non-levy employers will have 95% of the costs to be paid by the government, with you supplying the extra 5% as a co-investment fee. If your apprentice is between 16-18, there is no co-investment fee (100% funded).

Obviously, there is also the cost of the employee. Typically, we will not work with anyone paying under £12,000 annually.

How much do I have to pay an apprentice?

Typically, we do not work with anyone who pays under £12,000 a year. For reference, you can always look at our live Vacancies page to see what other employers are offering.

Does my apprentice have to be 16-18?

No, an apprentice can be any age nowadays as long as they are over 16. We work with apprentices who have just left school, all the way to those in their late twenties with work experience - Equally, we have a number of university graduates on the programme and even those older who are looking for a career change. Our candidates are all different ages with a wealth of different experiences.

Are they employed by my business?

Yes they are - they are on our apprenticeship training programme, but they are like any other employee with a work contract, and pension. In this respect, they are like any other employee.

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