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Grace Hughes
Feb 9, 2024

Apprentify Group has launched a new initiative to plant a tree for every apprentice that completes a course with the company. In celebration of the 17th annual National Apprenticeship Week, the company has partnered with Carma, a B Corp certified organisation, who will provide its tree-planting expertise in support of Apprentify’s commitment.

The campaign, which began in January 2024, is part of a wider strategy to reduce the effects of technology on the environment. Regular updates on the number of trees planted will be made available to the public, with the first trees being planted in Alderley Park where Apprentify’s headquarters are located.

Martin Smith, Apprentify Group HR Director said: 

"We want to inspire a sense of environmental responsibility in our apprentices and staff. By celebrating this milestone in their professional journey with a tree, planted in their name, we hope to foster a community of environmentally aware and socially responsible digital professionals."

As part of National Apprentice Week, Apprentify is encouraging its community, including current apprentices and industry partners, to join the movement. The company is also pledging to backdate their pledge, planting trees for those who completed their study from November to date. Apprentify hope this initiative will highlight the role of environmental sustainability and the future of digital skills training.

Apprentify Group CEO, Jonathan Fitchew said: 

“We aim to leverage digital skills training to transform lives and careers, but we also recognise the importance of sustainability in business. Through this initiative, we are creating a positive impact both on professional development and the planet.”

Carma is a company committed to making a positive difference in our world through social and environmental improvements. Following a hands-on-approach, Carma arranges social impact opportunities for organisations such as organising tree-planting events, offering subscriptions that contribute to beneficial impacts, and promoting commerce that boosts both environmental and social wellbeing.