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Grace Hughes
Apr 4, 2023

Apprenticeships are a valuable way for young people to gain the skills and experience needed to succeed in their chosen career. These opportunities are highly sought after by employers, as they can train apprentices to their specific needs while providing them with a wage and a recognised qualification.

To ensure that apprenticeships are of the highest quality, the government has set out funding rules that providers and employers must follow. Recently, these rules have undergone some changes to make the process clearer and more efficient for all parties involved and here at Apprentify, we thought we would break these changes down for you.

Simplifying the Process for All Involved

One of the significant changes to the funding rules is the combination of funding rules for main providers, employer providers, and employers into a single document. This change streamlines the process and ensures that everyone is working to the same guidelines.

Recruitment and Assessment Process

The recruitment process has also been revised, with the removal of the 'Recruit an Apprentice' section from the rules. This information will now be included in the provider agreement. Additionally, the initial assessment section has been updated, with a policy change stating that providers must give employers the opportunity to contribute to the discussion, even if they are unable to attend in person.

Furthermore, the discussion must include recognition of prior learning and agreement on how all parties will work together to achieve the apprenticeship. The employer must also agree to take part and provide input into progress reviews, ensuring that everyone is involved in the process.

Employer Responsibility

In terms of programme eligibility, the reference to on-the-job training has been removed, and the responsibility for this training has been placed on the employer. The employment arrangements section has also been revised, with references to apprenticeship training agencies being removed following the withdrawal of the ATA register. For employers, the changes to the funding rules for 2023-2024 mean they will have more responsibility for the on-the-job training of their apprentices. Employers will need to ensure that their apprentices receive the appropriate training while working for them. This change puts more emphasis on the employer's role in the apprenticeship program and their responsibility to provide adequate training to their apprentices.

Ensuring Proper Apprenticeship Agreement

The apprenticeship agreement section has seen some significant changes, with providers now required to verify that the apprenticeship agreement has been signed by both the employer and the apprentice, with separate identifiable line managers for both parties. If the agreement is incomplete or not signed, the individual will not be eligible for funding.

Clearer Guidelines for Lawful Wage and Early Completion of Apprenticeship Program

Further changes to the funding rules include a clearer definition of what constitutes a lawful wage, and the clarification that any apprentice can complete their programme earlier than the learning planned end date provided the minimum duration of 12 months has been met.

Revisions to Off-the-Job Training

Finally, the off-the-job training section has been revised, with the addition of a policy stating that revision, examinations, and other testing must not be included as off-the-job training. Additionally, only statutory leave is deducted as part of the off-the-job calculation, and the apprentice's own annual leave entitlement must not be used.

In summary, the changes to the apprenticeship funding rules aim to make the process clearer and more efficient for all parties involved. These revisions ensure that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities, and the quality of the apprenticeships remains high.

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