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Our apprentices are a cost-effective way to ensure the growth of any business. We pride ourselves on offering a unique approach to turn aspiring students into business-ready experts. We’ve dedicated time and effort to perfect our specialist apprenticeship programmes – so whether you’re looking to develop your career or seeking to advance your team, we can make it happen.


European Metal Recycling (EMR)

Laura Kedward and her Apprentice Nicole Thomas

See what Laura Kedward thinks about EMR's apprentice Nicole Thomas who took part in Apprentify's Junior Content Producer apprenticeship.


Nicole - EMR:

It has helped me as a person as well as (you know) not just preparing me for my career and things, it’s helping me on a personal level.


Our apprenticeship journey actually started with digital apprenticeships, very early on we knew what standard we wanted. I got straight on the phone with Apprentify and instantly they were able to talk us through some options, but our journey has taken us from different areas and we’re already in conversation about how they can maybe diversify into other areas of our business and how they can work more closely with us.


I’ve always been one to (like) be able to upskill myself and learn things in different ways, so I think the opportunity to be an apprentice and work alongside an organisation where I know we’re going to develop me; I just thought that it was the best fit for me at the moment and what I want in terms of my career.


You don’t need a training provider as such, you need a training partner, and that’s what we’ve got with Apprentify. We know the value that apprentices can bring, and we want to work with people that will get the best out of them and work with us to do that.


The support that Apprentify have put in place, in terms of collaborating with all the other apprentices has helped me to get different perspectives on things. Having that opportunity to speak to other people and see what works well for them is something that I find helps me; if you’re passionate about it, then go for it because you have got that support line there to develop yourself even further.


They have certainly given us an insight into how smooth the process can be when you have got that right training provider. I’m sure that you will (as I say) see the difference when you are coming to Apprentify.


Paragon Sales Solutions

Rob Spence and his apprentice Chloe Grantham

Discover how Apprentify can benefit your team while also watching a real-life example from Chloe Grantham and Rob Spence at Paragon Sales Solutions, a digital marketing apprentice.

Rob Spence – Paragon Sales Solutions

Immediately from day one, when we started talking to them (Apprentify), we knew we’d found the right company for us.

When the business was growing in its early stages, we always recognised we needed great talent to come in, to help boost our ability to grow and help our clients. We wanted to find a unique individual who we could grow and train alongside a provider that that could also help and mentor that individual.

Chloe Grantham:

When this opportunity came about I was looking for a new career path, a new venture to go down. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me because it enabled me to learn and earn at the same time, which was something I was very interested in.


I already knew the value of what an apprentice can bring to a business; but I don’t think I truly knew what it could be until we got Apprentify involved. They’ve got a really good procedure and process of only putting forward candidates that they feel are better suited for us in the business and for the course itself, so I felt like we weren’t really working with an apprenticeship provider, we were working more with a recruitment partner (should we say), who could put forward the right people, for the right role; and that individual has come on and really helped elevate our business to the next level.


Apprentify have made the process very easy, they adjust the schedule for you and how much you can take on at one time. The mentors are always there on hand for support if I did have questions, queries or doubts, they reassure you all the time and ensure that you know exactly what’s happening and why it’s happening at all times, so I just felt very clued up on what was going to happen, why it was happening, and how that was going to benefit me.


Just by having conversations with the team at Apprentify, my mind was put at rest. They were knowledgeable, they went through the whole process from start to finish. Even throughout the course, whenever I have had a question, whenever I’ve needed any help or support the team there have been so great at getting in touch.


Purple Creative Studios

Phil Upton and his Apprentices Scarlett, Maisy and Jess

Discover how we have helped Purple Creative Studios upskill their team in a cost-effective way. Become or Hire an apprentice today and start paving your way into the future!

Scarlett Macfarlane:

It’s kind of like an extension of your business more than anything, they become somebody who you can go to in order to ask for advice on what to do with your learner, what type of stuff that you should be doing.

Purple Creative is a digital agency based in rural North Yorkshire, we work with a lot of different clients primarily building website, but we also do digital marketing and graphic design as well.

Phil Upton:

We’ve done through two or three different training providers over the years and Apprentify have been consistent in delivering to us. It made it very easy and straight forward to put the younger ones through their apprenticeship program.


When this apprenticeship came up. It meant I could work, be financially reliable on myself, but also learn at the same time.

Jess Buck:

When you sort of ask me what my role is, it is quite hard to pin it down because there is such a varied scope to the things that we do, and with a huge breadth of clients as well. No one day is the same which is good.


It is lovely to watch them come in as young people, get to know each other, become part of this Purple Family and watch them evolve past their apprenticeship, invariably always win and secure the job position with us and stay for as long as we can keep them.


It’s been so easy and the whole team at Apprentify as well; everyone I’ve interacted with are so hands-on with it. They’re just so friendly as well even on our social media, they are always sort of championing things that we do. They become kind of like an extension of your business more than anything.


I’ve been able to climb up my role already, really quite quickly because I’ve been given those techniques to use which I have been giving by Apprentify.


Apprentify are always there, they have your back and want you to do well, that level of support was sort of second to none compared to other education providers.


You’re learning, you’re earning, you get to experience a work environment; it’s kind of all you need in one.

Trending Travel

Oliver Kilshaw and his Apprentices Abbie-Lea, Abigail and Freya

Take a look at a success story from Oliver Kilshaw and his apprentices at Trending Travel, and discover how he used apprenticeships to Upskill his team and Develop his business for the future.

Oliver Kilshaw:

I’m Ollie, I’m the Creative Director at Trending Travel. The level of education that they provide for the apprentices has been top draw.

Trending Travel are a tour operator born through Covid and we use influencers and social media as our direct route to market which is kind of our spin and our twist on traditional travel marketing and advertising. We are now the most followed travel company in Europe. So the reason I’m such a big advocate for apprentices is because I was actually an apprentice back in the day a good 10 years ago, I think I was Apprentify’s 3rd cohort on this. Mine (course) was actually a PR and Social media diploma rather than a content creator course but I see the value that if you give somebody young an opportunity that’s hungry and rather than them having pre-set ways and motions of other bad habits, they pick up from previous companies it allows us to mold them from a young age and do things the way we want them to be done.

So, our current workforce is Abbie-Lea, Abigail, and Freya; they are our media team and our content creators. Three of them work more or less together in terms of the day-to-day content creation however they do specialise separately, so Freya is more on the influencer side and communicating with them, Abby’s more on the hotel side and Abbie-Lea is more on the brand side.

The training that has been provided by Apprentify has really helped us fulfil the business needs, we post a large amount of content on social media (up to 30 times a day) and just having one or two members of staff to be able to fill that amount of content is not possible. We were a start-up at the time so we didn’t have all the funds in the world so bringing apprentices in who could understand social media but also be taught how to create high-quality content was exactly what we were looking for and Apprentify hit the nail on the head.

Since all three of the apprentices joined us, they’ve all massively grown professionally whether it being their punctuality, their attention to detail or their overall organisation and communication skills, not just with me but with our partners, our hotels and with our influencers


I am Abbie-Lea, I am a full-time Junior Content Producer with Trending Travel and I’ve become full-time since I completed my apprenticeship with Apprentify in September.

I finished my course in September and I came out with a distinction which I was really really pleased with, and I got a sense of accomplishment and it kind of made me feel as though this was the start of my career going forwards and the apprenticeship was kind of the first step in that. The support I received throughout the apprenticeship from Apprentify was brilliant, my Development Coach Rebecca was just amazing and was a phone call away or I could email her whenever if I needed any help with the tasks I got set, if I was struggling to meet a deadline for anything she would happily move it forward for me and always and always offer the support whenever I needed it.

The support from the company Trending Travel was amazing and I think it really helped the fact that Ollie had been through the apprenticeship before, so you know he kind of put himself in our shoes and he knew what we were going through with having to work and hit deadlines and everything; he was flexible, letting us have hours in work to complete any tasks. The whole company was supportive and were all really proud of us when we completed our apprenticeship, at the same time I’ve got Freya and Abi who was also doing the apprenticeship at the same time which was nice to start and finish together.

Everything I learnt on the course was used day-to-day and I don’t think I would have been able to kind of perform my own job role to the quality it is today without the courses we completed with Apprentify. My overall experience with Apprentify was amazing and I could not recommend it enough, it is definitely the first steppingstone into a really good career in social I think.

Abigail Birch:

My name is Abi, and I work at Rending Travel and am a Content Producer full-time now after my apprenticeship with Apprentify. I completed my apprenticeship in September with Apprentify and I got a distinction which felt really great because I have been waiting for a while to get read and go in full-time with my Content Producer job.

I chose an apprenticeship because I am more of a hands-on worker and I like to learn on the job as opposed to reading from a book or at university, it is more my style of learning and I like being more direct and doing things to get used to doing everything day-to-day. It suits my way of learning a lot better as an apprenticeship rather than through a university course Since my apprenticeship I’ve been able to fully put everything into practice again and I’ve been able to actually go out and start making content by ourselves due to Covid we weren’t able to go out a lot so it was nice to be able to properly film some content ourselves and we have been abroad to do some influencer trips or work away with some people that are quite interesting and be able to actually put some of the statistics to the test and some of our strategies will be able to put them to the test a bit more since the apprenticeship because we have been given more creative room and free reign.

Freya Elliott:

I am Freya and I am a content producer at Trending Travel, I work with influencers organizing for holidays, we do create content for the Instagram account for all of our social medias. On the course I learned Photoshop adobe skills which have helped in just general day-to-day life but also on the course it’s helped me personally like build confidence and be able to push myself out there in the industry. Speaking to influencers every day, I need to have them personal skills as well as business skills, so just all around it really helped me grow as a person and business.

Dawn is my Development Coach at Apprentify and she is absolutely amazing, answers my texts quickly if I ever need help and has set me up; like when I was going through my End-point Assessment she sent me loads of documents that I can revise for and she’s just really helpful and just a lovely person to speak to and have a normal conversation with which I think really helps in situations.

I’m due to finish my apprenticeship this month, I have got my EPA coming up soon and hopefully, it is a good result.


Working with Apprentify has been an absolute joy from Rebecca who I have to give a first name mentioned to, she has been excellent, they’re always very communicative and let me know everything that is going on beforehand, giving me plenty of time if they need anything back from me, they let me know exactly how the girls are getting on and how the rest of apprentices are through the coaching calls and it has just been a realy pleasure.


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What are the costs of taking on an apprentice?

All apprenticeship programmes have their funding decided by the ESFA. Levy employers will have the cost deducted from their levy account. Non-levy employers will have 95% of the costs to be paid by the government, with you supplying the extra 5% as a co-investment fee. If your apprentice is between 16-18, there is no co-investment fee (100% funded).

Obviously, there is also the cost of the employee. Typically, we will not work with anyone paying under £12,000 annually.

How much do I have to pay an apprentice?

Typically, we do not work with anyone who pays under £12,000 a year. For reference, you can always look at our live Vacancies page to see what other employers are offering.

Does my apprentice have to be 16-18?

No, an apprentice can be any age nowadays as long as they are over 16. We work with apprentices who have just left school, all the way to those in their late twenties with work experience - Equally, we have a number of university graduates on the programme and even those older who are looking for a career change. Our candidates are all different ages with a wealth of different experiences.

Are they employed by my business?

Yes they are - they are on our apprenticeship training programme, but they are like any other employee with a work contract, and pension. In this respect, they are like any other employee.


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