We are proud to be an Outstanding Apprenticeship Provider as graded by Ofsted!

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Rated Ofsted Outstanding 2022

Apprentify Ofsted Report
‘Leaders create a well structured curriculum where apprentices , including those on programmes taught by the subcontractor, incrementally build their knowledge, skills and behaviours over time.

Apprentify Ofsted Report

October 2022

That’s Outstanding!
Apprentify has been awarded Grade 1 across the board!

Since our founding in 2018, it has been our mission to match apprentices with a business that is perfect for them. It demonstrates that our apprentices and staff are hardworking, enthusiastic and passionate. We secure the best emerging talent for our clients to grow their businesses, as the best talent wants to work with and be trained by the best education providers.

As of October 2022, we have a total of 266 current learners at a pass rate of 100%. It has been highlighted in the Ofsted report that our apprentices ‘value the opportunity to access a range of additional activities such as attending networking conferences, exhibitions and masterclasses.’ We offer this and so much more for apprentices. Take a look around our website for more information on what we can provide. 

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Apprentify Ofsted Report 2022

Visit the Ofsted website and read the full report to see why we're an outstanding apprenticeship provider.

Ofsted: Who are they?

Ofsted stands for the Office for Standards in Education, and they are a part of the Department of Education. Ofsted is responsible for assessing standards in an extensive range of educational institutions. This includes primary schools, secondary schools and higher education including apprenticeship providers.

Apprentify has secured an Outstanding rating in its first ever Ofsted inspection, placing it in the country's top 1.6% of independent learning providers. 

Our apprentices have all of the necessary training, knowledge and skills to excel in a business environment. We pride ourselves on it by selecting the perfect opportunities for our apprentices. Our apprentices ‘benefit greatly from the industry expertise,’ and through our support, guidance and vast industry knowledge, they can achieve their full potential. 

What does this mean for Employers?

As a business, there are a number of benefits to hiring an apprentice. First, it is a cost-effective way to ensure growth within your company. We pride ourselves on offering a unique approach to turning aspiring students into business-ready professionals. This is a specialist apprenticeship programme to which we have dedicated time and effort to perfect, and the amount of hard work is reflected in the grade from Ofsted. 

As well as attracting the best talent, apprenticeships can be used to upskill any existing team members. It all adds to the growth your business can achieve. The best talent wants to work with and be trained by the best education providers; that is where we come in. 

Your business can achieve all of this and more with us. We are an Ofsted-rated outstanding business with a proven track record of recruiting & training talented, passionate and motivated people.  Are you ready to take on new challenges, add fresh ideas and promote skills and knowledge that are vital for a business’s continued growth? Speak to our team today.

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Our Benefits
  • Secure the best emerging talent for our clients
  • Receive an injection of new digital and technical skills
  • Develop a higher-performing workforce
  • Attract talented applicants from a diverse range of backgrounds

What does this mean for Apprentices?

  • Tick Icon Top Courses
  • Tick Icon Top Coaches
  • Tick Icon 1-2-1 Support
  • Tick Icon 100% Pass Rate

We always put apprentices at the forefront, providing them with support through marketing campaigns, communication skills and business impact. ‘Apprentices benefit greatly from the industry expertise of their development coaches who support them to develop new knowledge, skills and behaviours,’ 

An Outstanding rating will allow us to connect with more apprentices and equally connect with more great opportunities with big named brands and expand our knowledge base. As we continue to provide the best support and guidance for our apprentices. 

If you are someone looking to advance your career, you most likely have researched additional training which gives you the best chance of furthering your skills & knowledge. At Apprentify, we can help you through a large variety of apprenticeships and short courses, take a browse through our courses and talk to us today to discuss what you can achieve.  

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Developing Courses That Skyrocket Careers.

Discover more about our cost-effective apprenticeships which are a great way to ensure the growth of your business. We pride ourselves on offering a unique approach to transform aspiring apprentices into business-ready experts.

We have a 100% pass rate, with a large number of courses to choose from there is something for any skill level or knowledge base. As an apprenticeship provider, Apprentify is committed to our apprentices which is why we have created this range of courses. We want to tailor to all skill levels, which is why we have Level 3 courses and Level 4 courses. 

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If you have questions regarding our apprenticeships or want to learn more about what Apprentify offers, check out our FAQs.

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If you still have questions about our apprenticeships or want to know how we can best support you, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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What are the costs of taking on an apprentice?

All apprenticeship programmes have their funding decided by the ESFA. Levy employers will have the cost deducted from their levy account. Non-levy employers will have 95% of the costs to be paid by the government, with you supplying the extra 5% as a co-investment fee. If your apprentice is between 16-18, there is no co-investment fee (100% funded).

Obviously, there is also the cost of the employee. Typically, we will not work with anyone paying under £12,000 annually.

How much do I have to pay an apprentice?

Typically, we do not work with anyone who pays under £12,000 a year. For reference, you can always look at our live Vacancies page to see what other employers are offering.

Does my apprentice have to be 16-18?

No, an apprentice can be any age nowadays as long as they are over 16. We work with apprentices who have just left school, all the way to those in their late twenties with work experience - Equally, we have a number of university graduates on the programme and even those older who are looking for a career change. Our candidates are all different ages with a wealth of different experiences.

Are they employed by my business?

Yes they are - they are on our apprenticeship training programme, but they are like any other employee with a work contract, and pension. In this respect, they are like any other employee.

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