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Debora Figueiredo
Feb 14, 2022

Finding the perfect job or right candidate is all about finding the right fit. Here at Apprentify, we have a unique matching process that helps us to find successful partnerships. 

As the employer, when writing the job description for the role, make sure that it includes the essence of your company’s culture. It’s important to give people a good idea of what sort of environment they are coming into. Think of your job description as a dating profile, you could just put your age location and job. However, to find the perfect candidate, you need to include eye-catching information. 

So why not just add the required skills, experience, and the salary to the job description? 

Try and write an attention-grabbing summary and talk about what makes your company unique. Soft skills are just as important as anything else. Remember that creative and technical skills can be taught, but it is difficult to teach someone basic problem-solving skills. 

Assessment Sessions

Just like online dating, we create profiles for all our apprentices. Matching wants and desires between apprentice and employer. The profiling is very interactive, it involves roleplay, blog writing, skill scans and analytics. We do all this to make sure the apprentice is aware of the demands of an apprenticeship but also, so they know they’re going into the correct role for their own development. All of this takes place at our unique online assessment sessions. 

The assessment sessions are ran by our Talent Team, they take place over the course of a day and not only give us a great idea of the candidate’s subjective skills but also their soft skills. The soft skills are important to us, as it gives us a good idea of the apprentice’s personality making it easier to match apprentice to employer. You want someone bubbly? We got the perfect match for you don’t worry! 

"At Apprentify, we work with both the employers and candidates to ensure they are a perfect match based on their soft skills. We have worked with various employers like JD Sports, Dentsu, and iProspect to provide them with high-quality Digital and Technical apprentices." - Mabelle, Recruitment Executive at Apprentify

What Apprentify can do for you

After the candidates have created profiles, we start matching apprentices and employers based on profile, location, and skills. During this matching process, the apprentice creates a personal introductory video so that employers can get a taste of the candidate’s personality before meeting them. This makes the interview a little less daunting for both parties. 

At any point of the recruitment process, we can report back to you and answer any questions you may have. It allows for you to have a deeper understanding of the candidates that are applying for the vacancy. 

We take away all the unnecessary back and forth so you can get the right people to the interview stage, not wasting any time for both the apprentice and the employer. Whilst we try to find you someone as fast as we can, sometimes we don’t always get it right. However, that doesn’t mean we stop trying we are persistent, even though it may seem time consuming at times lots of interviews aren’t always a bad thing! It can give us a more detailed profile of what you’re looking for the employer’s and feedback for the apprentice. 

"This is our second time working with Apprentify to find apprentices to work in our business. Apprentify are really helpful and make the employer's role as simple as possible when searching for new candidates and in processing official paperwork to get the new candidates started. We are looking forward to our new recruits starting and the next 12 months." - Airbase Media Ltd

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