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Grace Hughes
Jun 12, 2023

At Apprentify, we take great pride in supporting our apprentices on their professional journeys and witnessing their achievements. Today, we are thrilled to celebrate Maisie Trelfa, one of our exceptional apprentices, who has been nominated as a finalist for the prestigious 'Rising Star Award' at the Prolific North Awards. Maisie's dedication, growth, and passion for digital marketing have earned her this well-deserved recognition. Let's take a closer look at her inspiring journey and the milestones that led her to this remarkable accomplishment.

A Transformative Journey

“My journey towards the nomination has been a transformative experience, especially considering my background as a makeup artist before entering the realm of digital marketing”

When Maisie embarked on her apprenticeship journey at Apprentify in September, little did she know that she would be nominated for such a distinguished award just eight months later. Coming from a background as a makeup artist, transitioning into the world of digital marketing was an exciting yet challenging experience for her. However, Maisie embraced this opportunity with open arms, determined to broaden her horizons and seize new possibilities.

Rising Above Expectations

Maisie's journey toward the 'Rising Star Award' nomination has been marked by remarkable growth and a thirst for knowledge. Initially having limited knowledge of digital marketing, she started by creating social media content using Canva. However, as her capabilities expanded, Maisie's passion for design became evident. Encouraged by her boss, she pursued a course on Adobe Creative Cloud, an area of interest she had nurtured for years.

Equipped with her newfound understanding of graphic design, Maisie took on increasingly complex projects at Digia, the company where she is working during her apprenticeship. From designing eye-catching website banners to crafting unique logos and captivating leaflets, she honed her graphic design skills and demonstrated her ability to deliver outstanding results.

“Every client says that she is a joy to work with and the team at Digia second that. She comes into every work day with a positive attitude, always open to learning and trying new things.” - Nicole Baker-Tunney and Ed Crawford, Digia

Motivation and Growth

As an apprentice, Maisie draws motivation from multiple sources. Firstly, the opportunity to learn and grow fuels her drive. Each day presents a chance for her to acquire new knowledge, skills, and practical experience in the dynamic field of digital marketing. Secondly, the guidance and coaching she receives from Apprentify play a pivotal role in her motivation. The investment of time and expertise from her coaches instils a sense of responsibility and encourages her to strive for excellence.

Moreover, witnessing the positive outcomes of her efforts and recognising the value she brings to the company amplifies Maisie's motivation. Whether it's solving a complex problem, completing a challenging task, or receiving positive feedback, these small victories fuel her passion for her work, reinforcing her dedication and commitment.

The nomination

When Maisie discovered her nomination for the 'Rising Star Award,' it was a delightful surprise. The news came after the nomination forms had been submitted, leaving Maisie humbled by the recognition her work had received from her boss and manager. While winning the award is not guaranteed, the nomination alone is a significant accomplishment that Maisie will cherish. It has filled her with a sense of pride in her work and inspired her to set even higher goals for herself. Regardless of the outcome, Maisie views this experience as a steppingstone in her career, motivating her to excel and leave a lasting impact in the industry.

Professional Growth through Apprenticeship

“My apprenticeship has played a vital role in shaping my professional growth and development in numerous ways”

Maisie credits her apprenticeship at Apprentify for playing a vital role in her professional growth and development. The structured and immersive learning experience provided through the apprenticeship has allowed her to gain practical skills and hands-on knowledge for her role in digital marketing. The combination of online learning and on-the-job training has accelerated her growth and sharpened her problem-solving abilities.

Equally important is the mentorship and support from experienced professionals who have acted as coaches throughout her apprenticeship journey. Learning from their expertise and receiving constructive feedback has been instrumental in Maisie's development. These mentors have not only helped her navigate challenges but have also encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone and embrace new opportunities. Sharon Seel, Development Coach at Apprentify said

“Maisie has impressed from the very start.  She is organised, a quick learner and receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things which makes her a formidable apprentice.”


Maisie Trelfa's journey from apprentice to being nominated as a finalist for the 'Rising Star Award' at the Prolific North Awards is a testament to her dedication, growth, and passion for digital marketing. Despite starting with limited knowledge, Maisie's enthusiasm, and commitment to learning propelled her forward. Through her apprenticeship at Apprentify, she has gained invaluable skills, expanded her capabilities, and transformed into a rising star in the industry.

We at Apprentify are immensely proud of Maisie's achievements and the impact she has made during her apprenticeship. Her story serves as an inspiration to current and future apprentices, showcasing the possibilities that can be achieved through hard work, determination, and a willingness to learn.

As Maisie continues to evolve and excel in her career, we have no doubt that she will continue to make significant contributions to the digital marketing industry. We wish her the best of luck at the Prolific North Awards and look forward to witnessing her continued success.

At Apprentify, we remain committed to supporting and nurturing apprentices, like Maisie, as they embark on their own professional journeys. Through our structured programs and dedicated mentorship, we aim to empower apprentices to unlock their full potential and thrive in their chosen fields.

Congratulations, Maisie, on your nomination and best wishes for a bright and promising future ahead!