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Grace Hughes
Feb 9, 2023

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for individuals to gain hands-on experience and skills in their desired field, while also earning a salary and completing their education. This National Apprenticeship Week, we sat down with Sheneil Francis, an Apprentice at Merkle, Dentsu, to discuss her experience and the impact that his apprenticeship has had on his professional and personal growth.

A Typical Day in Sheneil's Apprenticeship

Sheneil's day as an Apprentice at Merkle, Dentsu, is a balance between education and on-the-job training. As Sheneil said:

"We spend about 1/5th of our time learning but this could also be in our day to day role, taking time out to do training which also counts to our off the job hours and that is all a part of the apprenticeship."

This allows Sheneil to continue learning and growing, while also gaining hands-on experience in his field.

In her day-to-day role, Sheneil works in Marketing, where she builds audiences with keywords. However, by doing the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship through Apprentify she has learned about Digital Marketing in a broader sense, including areas such as SEO and search, which are not a part of her day-to-day role. This broadening of his knowledge has been extremely helpful for Sheneil, as he notes,

"With SEO you build campaigns with keywords, and in my day to day role I build audiences with keywords so that has been really helpful for me."

How Sheneil's Apprenticeship Has Helped Her Develop New Skills and Knowledge

Sheneil's apprenticeship has not only given her the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and broaden her knowledge, but it has also helped her grow both personally and professionally.

Sheneil has had the chance to learn about and apply different aspects of digital marketing, beyond just her day-to-day role. This has not only given her a better understanding of the field as a whole, but it has also made her a more well-rounded and knowledgeable marketer.

In conclusion, Sheneil's apprenticeship has been a fantastic opportunity to gain a well-rounded understanding of Digital Marketing, while also developing both personally and professionally. If you are considering an apprenticeship, take Sheneil's advice and consider it as a way to continue learning, gain hands-on experience, and grow in your career.