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Search Engine Optimisation Course

Learn the fundamentals of SEO from search engine basics to keywords, website performance, on-page and off-page SEO as well as metrics and wider strategies.  You will also gain an introduction to techniques for video and media contentThroughout this short course, you will build a portfolio and gain SEO practical skills to help you with future projects. 

In today’s digital age more and more businesses are relying on an effective digital presence to stimulate sales and interest. Our Digital Skills Bootcamp in SEO provides the skills you need to pursue a career in marketing.

Unlock the secrets of Technical SEO with Apprentify's Technical SEO Bootcamp! This course is designed for individuals who are looking to upskill or reskill in digital marketing. You'll gain a deep understanding of how search engines process data and queries, and how you can use this knowledge to improve your website's SEO.

By the end of the course, you'll know how to use SEO audit and analytics tools to enhance your website's visibility, and how SEO fits into a wider marketing strategy. You'll get the chance to delve into topics like keyword research, copywriting, video content, PR, link building, accessibility, website performance, and more. Don't miss this opportunity to become a technical SEO master!

  • Fully remote
  • Delivered at Level 3
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What is the SEO Bootcamp?

Introduction to the SEO Bootcamp: Apprentify's Technical SEO Bootcamp is a comprehensive course designed to help individuals enhance their digital marketing skills, with a focus on search engine optimization (SEO). The course is aimed at anyone with an interest in copywriting, digital marketing, or running an online business, and is particularly suitable for those who are currently unemployed or looking to reskill.

What you will learn: Over the course of 10 sessions spread over 5 weeks, you will gain a deep understanding of the various elements of SEO and how they interact with each other. You will learn about how search engines process data and queries, and how to optimize your website using techniques such as keyword research, copywriting, video content creation, PR, link building, and more. Additionally, you will explore the role of accessibility and website performance in SEO and understand how to use SEO audit and analytics tools to improve your website's visibility.

Course Outcomes: By the end of the SEO Bootcamp, you will have a solid understanding of the technical aspects of SEO and how to use them to enhance your website's ranking. You will also understand the relationship between SEO and wider marketing strategies and be equipped with the skills to integrate SEO into your overall digital marketing approach. This course will provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to kickstart or enhance your career in digital marketing, and help you stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

  • May 2024
  • June 2024
  • August 2024
  • October 2024

What you'll learn

Take a sneak peek at some of what we cover.

SEO in Marketing
SEO in Marketing

Understand how search engines process data and queries alongside how it fits into a wider marketing strategy.

Digital PR
Digital PR

Understand what digital PR is and how to use link-building as a tactic, explore digital PR tactics and how to reach out to journalists, and understand how to measure success.

Keywords Research
Keywords Research

Understand why keywords are important, the types of keywords, what SEO copywriting is including techniques and how to optimise content with SEO copywriting.

Web Accessibility
Web Accessibility

Understand what web accessibility is and to make your website more accessible, explain UI features, security, add-ons and basic SEO in Wix.


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Who pays for the course?

If you are unemployed, self-employed or employed and looking for a career change, then these courses are fully funded at no cost to you. Subject to eligibility criteria and Onboarding requirements being met. 

If you are employed, and looking to progress within your current role, take on new responsibilities, or a new position within your organisation, then a small co-funded contribution will be required from your employer. 

An employer contribution is determined by the size of the organisation 

For SMEs – Small, Medium Enterprises (<250 employees) the contribution is 10% of the cost of the course, the remaining 90% is Government funded 

For Large employers (250> employees) the contribution is 30% of the cost of the course (Course costs vary – full details can be provided. The remaining 70% is Government funded 

Who's eligible?

These courses are available to anyone residing in West Yorkshire. Please see full eligibility requirements below: 


  • Applicants must be aged 19 or over as at 31st August 2023 

  • Applicants must live within West Yorkshire 

  • Applicants must have the right to legally reside and work in the UK and be resident for 3 years or more preceding the course start date 

  • Applicants must not be in part/full time education or undertaking any other Government funded programme when joining the course. 

  • Applicants must not have undertaken a Skills Connect course in the past (an individual can only receive funding for one course) 

  • Applicants must have never received an Advanced Learning Loan 

  • Participants who are ‘Economically Inactive’ are not eligible for this project.  

  • Applicants must be able to commit to the course, and to liaising with Apprentify for up to six months after course completion to confirm / support career progression.  

  • Applicants who are accessing a fully funded training opportunity must confirm their intention to access a new job role with a new employer at the point of enrolling on to the course.  

What skills / qualifications do I need?

No prior knowledge, skills or experience is needed! 

These bootcamps are to support individuals looking to reskill into a new area or upskill existing knowledge and expertise. Our Digital Skills Bootcamps specialise in providing leaders with the tools needed to manage and embrace the new digital style of working.

All learners will be required to complete a Knowledge and Skills Assessment prior to starting the course to determine initial understanding. Learners will also be asked to complete a final assessment to establish progression.

Learners are also asked to complete an Initial Assessment in English and Maths, unless evidence can be provided that supports prior attainment equivalency of a Level 2 (GCSE A-C / 4-9 or Functional Skills). This is not a test, but allows us to ensure the right level of support is provided wherever necessary. 

What do I need?

All you will need is access to the internet, a PC or laptop and the ability to install free software if required. Along with the willingness to learn, and a commitment to the course.

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