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Debora Figueiredo
Jan 27, 2022

The Digital Skills Gap


How are businesses managing in the post-pandemic world?

Join us for our latest webinar as we take a closer look at the digital talent landscape. Particularly focusing on the digital skills gap, we will explore how businesses have navigated their way through the global pandemic and what this means for digital skills in a post pandemic world.

We will be discussing the following topics:

  • How has the digital transition been impacted by COVID?
  • How are businesses preparing for the next generation of workers?
  • Where does the new talent come from? 
  • How do you attract the talent you need?
  • How do you identify the skills gaps within your business?
  • Hiring apprentices vs a graduate
  • Pre & post-pandemic - a comparative look, what business lessons have we learned?
Guest Speakers

Apprentify Marketing Manager, Debora Figueiredo, will be joined by Paul Drew (Managing Director at Apprentify), Zack Grimes (Education Ambassador, CIM) and Ian Brown (Early Careers and Skills Specialist, Lloyds Banking Group). 

Paul Drew:

With over 20 years experience in the digital marketing space, Apprentify’s Managing director, Paul, is incredibly passionate about providing the next generation of talent with the skills they need to progress into marketing roles. 

Over the last few years, Paul has dedicated much of his time tackling the digital skills gap, developing solutions to improve digital knowledge and resources.

“I founded Apprentify to answer one simple question: how can UK businesses harness digital talent to improve their business?” Something we’re keen to discuss in our latest webinar.

Zack Grimes:

In his current role as Education Ambassador, Zack combines his passion for learning alongside his professional experiences, inspiring the next generation of marketing professionals.

Sitting on several school boards and taking an active role as a school governor, Zack is extremely passionate about learning and development opportunities. 

Graduating from The Open University, Zack advocates for alternative ways of learning. When asked what he deemed an important talking point for our upcoming webinar, Zack responded, “We need to break down the stigma on apprentice’s for employers. This would allow businesses to stay on top of the digital landscape and prepare for the next generation of workers”.

Ian Brown:

Throughout his varied role as an Apprenticeships and Careers partner, Ian has guided a wide range of SMEs through apprenticeships, helping them to develop the skills they really need to accelerate growth and meet their strategic goals. 

Alongside this, Ian has also been an advocate for learning and development opportunities, working with educators to help young people develop the essential skills they need to prepare for and successfully transition into the workforce.

As a result of this, Ian offers a wide range of insights to our upcoming webinar. When asked what he believed the main talking points of this topic should be, he responded 

“‘The great resignation’ means there is a huge demand for digitally equipped talent. This is pushing up salaries and means SMEs are being ‘squeezed’ as they struggle to compete with the corporates. If we’re going to meet 2030 digital demands, we need to start to think creatively now.”

You might of missed this live webinar, however you can still watch the recording here!